Ravensong Home

The first step, the first shovel of dirt, the first hello, the first, well, anything is so intimidating, that these are often never attempted without some sort of push from beyond ourselves. Or, it becomes so very imperative that we can no longer procrastinate or ignore the urging any longer. Such it is with this website: for years I have written in private, needing to express what I was learning, feeling, experiencing in a way that would not disappear with the next day’s dawn, forgotten into some dusty corner of memory.

This is the story of my journey: the initial call, the stumblings in the dark, the occasional brilliant bursts of insight, the teachers along the way, and lots and lots of missteps and mistakes. It is remarkable only in that it is MY story, no one else’s, and as any author can tell you, writing your story is a mighty project for which there is no end in sight, and the only ending is one you never get to report yourself. That remains a postscript written by a friend, or perhaps a final note left behind to be published only upon your death. Morbid talk, perhaps, but to every beginning there is an ending… of sorts. But more importantly, there is a lot in between, so let’s get started.

It occurs to me that I should preface these jottings with a short explanation. By “Downloads from the Universe” I am not referring to random items I have found floating around the internet, although I’m surely not the only one to voice these ideas. My meaning comes from the manner in which they came into my awareness: occasionally these little essays have been mulled over for months until they came together, but far, far more often the words flowed out of my pen as I suspended conscious thought after having formulated a question as if to a friend sitting nearby. I suppose this is much the same method Neale David Walsh used in his own “Conversations with God” books, but I happened across this “downloading” technique before finding his writings, so I cannot say that his experience influenced my own at all.

Also, I need to introduce Ann Mavis. That’s me, my very own name apart from my tribal identifications “Georgi” (by birth) or “Leonard” (by marriage.) I was pondering the power of names and symbols, and thinking: I, Ann Mavis, and out of the blue came the words: I A.M. Followed by goosebumps, which, frankly, always show up when something important has revealed itself. I AM. Methinks somehow by accessing this information, I am in touch with the All There Is, Higher Self, Universal Truth, Universe… God, if you will, as loaded a word as that (unfortunately) has become. My only hope is that you find something here that is useful to you, for then the words shall not have been written in vain.

Be kind: if you copy, please give proper credit: these writings may be accessed from the Unknown, but I, Ann Mavis (Georgi Leonard), am the scribe. All the photos and written material on these pages are protected under copyright and belong to me, excepting the quotes I have included that belong to others, which are so noted.

Let those who can hear, listen. If in some small way my words can lift those up to be One with the All That Is, I will not have written them in vain.