Early Downloads

My meaning comes from the manner in which they came into my awareness…

It occurs to me that I should preface these jottings with a short explanation. By “downloads” I do not refer to random items I have found floating around the internet, although I’m surely not the only one to voice these ideas. My meaning comes from the manner in which they came into my awareness: occasionally these little essays have been mulled over for months until they came together, but far, far more often the words flowed out of my pen as I suspended conscious thought after having formulated a question as if to a friend sitting nearby. I suppose this is much the same method Neale David Walsh used in his own “Conversations with God” books, but I happened across this “downloading” technique before finding his writings, so I cannot say that his experience influenced my own at all.

Also, I need to introduce Ann Mavis. That’s me, my very own name apart from my tribal identifications “Georgi” (by birth) or “Leonard” (by marriage.) I was pondering the power of names and symbols, and thinking: I, Ann Mavis, and out of the blue came the words: I A.M. Followed by goosebumps, which, frankly, always show up when something important has revealed itself. I AM. Methinks somehow by accessing this information, I am in touch with the All There Is, Higher Self, Universal Truth, Universe… God, if you will, as loaded a word as that (unfortunately) has become. My only hope is that you find something here that is useful to you, for then the words shall not have been written in vain.

Be kind: if you copy, please give proper credit: these writings may be accessed from the Unknown, but I, Ann Mavis (Georgi Leonard), am the scribe. All the photos and written material on these pages are protected under copyright and belong to me, excepting the quotes I have included that belong to others, which are so noted.

Organ Pipe Monument, Arizona 2004:
If you know Love, you know God
If you seek Beauty, you seek God
If you yearn for Justice, you yearn for God
If you strive to find Truth, you strive to find God
If you give of yourself for others’ sake, you have served God
For nothing goes unnoticed, no ill deed, no small thoughtfulness, that isn’t added to the whole. We are all a part of the whole. Anything that divides us, one from another, is not of God; we cannot remain divided against ourselves and expect to thrive. This, then, must be our overriding goal: to seek the ultimate good for all. Ann Mavis

On Religion and Compasses
Having used a number of different types and brands of compass, it seems to me that it matters very little what manner of compass you use. As long as the compass hasn’t been manhandled and it is utilized in a fashion that doesn’t overcome its proper function, the red needle will always point Magnetic North.
Along these same lines…
Having examined a number of the world’s religious traditions, it seems to me that it matters very little which spiritual tradition you follow. Provided the message has not been manhandled and it is utilized in a fashion that does not overcome its proper function, virtually any spiritual practice will point you toward Ultimate Truth.
With both compasses and religions, it remains up to you to find your own way. Each is, in the end, merely a tool to assist you on your own personal journey.
Ann Mavis

It is nothing short of a miracle how, when I accept the path that is the correct one for me, doors open, finances ease, my path is made smooth. Almost as though the universe is saying to me, yes, this is the right way, dear one. Take it! We are not meant to struggle. Struggle is only when we keep bashing ourselves against a sheer cliff, crying bitterly about it being in our way, when it is merely saying (if only we would listen) “this is not the way!” There is no reason why anyone should go without that which he or she needs to thrive. We merely need to ask the right questions, listen to what the universe is trying to tell us, and then take right action.
Ann Mavis

Forgive yourself. Mistakes are as much a part of life as triumphs, indeed may be a bigger contributor to the masterpiece of life than you think.
Mistakes unrecognized, those truly are mistakes. When you admit to having been in error is the largest opportunity to grow better at Who You Truly Are. Bit by bit the layers of stone are chipped away to reveal the masterpiece that lays underneath
Ann Mavis

“Fear not, for I am with you.” Perhaps best written: Fear Naught (nothing!) for I AM with you. Instead, replace Beware with Be Aware. It makes all the difference.
Ann Mavis

Endless fretting is best described as “washing machine thoughts”: when the same dirty laundry gets churned around over and over, but the machine never drains the dirty water or spins out or adds a fresh rinse, so you get essentially nowhere. A dreadful state of affairs, in need of a qualified mechanic.
Ann Mavis

My father’s mother used to go after house flies with a flyswatter, exhibiting a murderous fervor that made a big impression on my 8 year old self. I wrote this bit of doggerel after witnessing a particularly impressive session:

God Bless the


They Give My Nana


Ann Mavis