About Ann


So often when we are asked to tell a little about ourselves, we define ourselves according to occupation, family, nationality, race, spirituality, interests and so on. I could, of course, be defined by all these standard categorizations. However, for the purpose of these pages I will attempt to transcend their stereotypes and merely offer that I am a member of the family of man and a student of life. What I have discovered I shall attempt to share on these pages, just in case they prove helpful to someone else. My mantra remains Love One Another. My words to live by are Peace and Patience, and often I have to remind myself of them daily. Too often I allow myself to disrupt my Peace, and my Patience is frequently severely truncated. I’m working on that!

I strive to serve the Greater Good of all whose lives intersect with mine, with the gentle reminder that I too am perfect in my¬† imperfections, and I make mistakes. Mea Culpa. Besides, mistakes are only mistakes if we do not learn from them. Life is a journey. Let the journey continue…